REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #60 - December 2008 [spoilers]

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Fri Jan 2 04:17:04 PST 2009

On Jan 2, 7:19 am, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:

> Mading Mysteries #3
> 'So Clone'
> A Superfreaks [Superfreaks] series
> by Martin Phipps
>      Three actresses apparently go on a shooting spree, but Mading gets  
> suspicious and discovers that the killers were in fact clones.  Then he has  
> to harass the authorities into following up on that evidence (even bringing  
> in forensics experts with experience in cloning from another country) in
> order to clear the names of the innocent.
>      Meanwhile there's also an opening vignette where it is strongly implied  
> that Mading is subconsciously using his reality manipulation powers to  
> enlarge the breast size of his female students.  This is another instance  
> demonstrating that the author's stand-in characters share his interest in  
> beautiful women, and you just know that if this were happening in the  
> Looniverse that Self-Righteous Preacher would be insisting that Deja Dude  
> take remedial training in controlling his powers.  However, while we're here  
> lets see if I can entertain you with a BS theory.  What if that opening  
> vignette is in fact a subtle hint that the killers in the shooting spree  
> really were those actresses, and that it was not until Mading took an  
> interest in the situation that the shootings were (deliberately or  
> otherwise!) retconned into being the responsibility of clones?  
> [Dragnet style sting: Dum-da-DUM-DUM!]  And to think I almost missed this  
> one because it was posted so late on New Year's eve.

More likely I (deliberately or otherwise) was amking a comment about
impressionable youths imitating what they see on TV or in movies:
title "So Clone" has been going around my head for sometime and the
premise always involved the clones imitating what they saw in the


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