[LNH] 58.5 #45: Who Cares If Anyone Reads This, I'm Going to Finish It!

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 22:49:23 PST 2009

quoth Andrew Perron as of Sat, 28 Feb 2009 00:32:57 +0000:
> Ohhhhhhh, I see what you're doing.  I thought you were just abbreviating
> her saying "by the way".   I use WTF myself!  It's cool, but if you do
> that, you should capitalize it (like I did in my comment, thus obscuring
> what, exactly, I was complaining about).

I forgot WTF, it's the one I use most :-)

>>>>"My universe isn't dead", Green corrected.  "Just Earth."
>>> Really. O.o How does that work? He's from the Legion of Occult Heroes'
>>> universe, right?
>>Actually, I may be wrong about that. I should go back and check my LOH
>>back-issues.  But at least on his universe (LOH-of-LNH2), there is
>>*some* life, since Cannon Fodder (now Savior) is alive, and, well, the
>>existence of Green him/herself means life as a concept is still around.
> Hmmmmm.  Possibly, non-intelligent life could survive the lack of drama;
> of course, IIRC, we saw plants and stuff dying in LOH (I really need to
> re-read that too), so... hmmm.

No, you're right that on Earth all life was destroyed.  My point is that, 
as far as I remember, Paul never said anything about that being done to 
the whole universe.  But, as I said, I may be wrong :-)

> You'd say "is no fish" if you were talking about a single, specific
> fish.  If you're talking about fish in general, you'd say "are no fish".
> >.>

Maybe that's what the norm, colloquially you'll more often hear "there's 
no fish" (although it *is* odd that I used "there is" instead), and I 
believe dialogue should follow the colloquial practise rather than the 
norm.  (Also note, when I'm myself I prefer British spelling, but when 
writing I go with American because that's the newsgroup's convention.)

But above and overriding that, the main point is that this line is a 
quote, and therefore, it's not up to me to correct the original ;-)

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