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> > I'm reading through the 58.5 archives (and adding a bunch of stuff from
> > it to the wiki), and despite the helpful recaps, I'm still confused on a
> > few things.
> Wow... maybe I should actually go and finish the thing...  (embarrassed
> looks around the room)

Doo eet.

> The "original" WM, introduced in BOAV, is Paraddox.  At some point, while
> fighting the meta-gods from the 13th dimension, he was evolved into a
> "higher-level intelligence" by Melissa, which turns him into a Brainiac-5-
> style bastard (or maybe more like Brainiac-2).  Then he discovers he's
> actually from a different timeline, and manoeuvres the "correct" WM into
> doing some stuff for him (including the rescue of Minority Miss which was
> never actually shown on panel but did happen, and is what I created the
> character for all those years ago).  This acting with the LNH creates a
> weak bond between the "new" WM and the LNH, which leads to Bart targeting
> him.  Why Bart didn't know there were two of them is open to discussion.
> Maybe he did and didn't consider Paraddox a threat.

Hmmmm. Okay. And the Paraddox WM's timeline branches off with BOAV not
ending the way it did and becomes the LNH2 timeline? And how'd he get
to this timeline in the first place?

> The WM in the Acra.Flight mini is Paraddox.  Whether that's the same
> Paraddox we know, or an alternate-alternate-ouch-my-head-hurts, I don't
> think anybody actually cares.

Whichever! *edit edit*

> > Which characters joined the New Misfits, and which didn't?
> The Ultimate Ninja definitely didn't, and neither did Rebel Yell.  But
> they also haven't appeared in the series, so it's probably not what you
> meant with your question.

Dangit! *changes Rebel Yell's status*

> Acra.Flighters:
> - Blackbird
> - Analytic (formerly Analysis)
> - Blur
> - Whatever (formerly SoWhat; currently believed dead)
> - Tree-Hugging Kid (formerly Green)

This bit was clear, at least.

> Still in the team (and breathing, last I checked):
> - Bandwagon Chick
> - Howie K. (a kiwi devolved into a humanoid by Mother Time)
>   (also a master of Kiwi Fu)
> - Contraption Boy (ex-future-sidekick of Contraption Man)
> - Old Ugly (artificial giant telepathic terrestrial trilobite)
> - Fan Boy (NOT Fan.Boy)
> - Laran (naked god of war, maybe; currently imprisoned by
>   the L.S. government)
> Killed in various gruesome ways:
> - Hyperbolic Boy
> - Smiley
> - Locked Room
> - Ultra-Mobile Dawg
> - Smoke Ring Girl
> Left, but still alive (last I checked):
> - Dramatic Pause Lass
> - Triangle Lad
> Never actually joined but hang around on occasion:
> - Pantra
> - Whino Lad
> - The Amazing Amazon

Okay. So Pantra isn't a member, but Triangle Lad was, and so was
Ultra-Mobile Dawg. Gotcha.

> > And who the heck is Blur?
> Blur is "explained" in Acra.Flight, but over the years I lost interest in
> him.  He's an "abstract personification" much like the Endless, or
> Marvel's Nightmare, or, well, you get the point; but being the
> personification of vagueness, he doesn't actually have a body, a shape, a
> gender, etc etc.
> He does have a name, and he seems to have developed a personality in his
> years with the kids.  How that figures we'll see, if, well, if I ever
> bring myself to write this thing again :-)

Ahhhhh, I see. Well, the vagueness thing makes sense. >->

> > Also, is the Xinerama Brotherhood reserved or anything? I'm thinking of
> > using the rec.arts.comics.creative representative in a story, but I can
> > use a different set of Looniearth-Watching Cosmic Beings if necessary.
> They're very reserved, sorry, unless your story happens during Infinite
> April, in which case they're free.

Drat. Ah well. *edit edit*

> > Also also, how do you pronounce the X? Is it like Zinerama, or more like
> > Ksinerama?
> Most unix geeks I've seen pronounce it Zinerama, I'm not sure how
> "official" that is.  As for the characters, I think of them as Zinerama,
> although it could have been a recurring joke I never used if different
> people pronounced it differently (FWIW Brazilian unix geeks say something
> akin to "Shinerama").

Fair enough. And thanks for the helpful answers~

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, dovebox!

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