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Sat Feb 14 13:30:23 PST 2009

Andrew!  [gives him an affectionate noogie]
Oh dear.  I just thought of something.  Your being here is probably 
my fault...
For those who may have missed it, in _Beige Midnight_ #3 I had some 
of the LNHers searching around the Middle-East, and find a doomsday 
weapon made by one of the brothers Url.za and Mish.ram...
> Doomsday weapons?" repeated Twitter. 
> "Those two were really big on doomsday weapons," said ARAK as he looked 
> at the items with a mixture of interest and disquiet.  "Um.  Crap.  I'd 
> been kind of hoping that since there haven't been any new issues of 
> _Digital JUMP_ in almost half a decade that the Dominaria parody that 
> Andrew Perron had been threatening to do was dead in the water, and we 
> wouldn't have to worry about any of Url.za and Mish.ram's little toys 
> cropping up." 
Onbviously this acted as some type of summoning ritual.  My bad, sorry.
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