META: New, totally free software tool to support creative work

tc2000 tcoughlan2000 at
Tue Feb 3 08:49:28 PST 2009

Please try using our new software tool: The Associative Scrapbook

The Associative Scrapbook has been developed as part of a research
project at the University of Bath, analysing how computer tools can
support creative processes. It is designed to support any kind of
creative work, by allowing you to  collect ,organise and develop
ideas, notes and inspirational materials of all types. You can create
sketches and notes, and collect pictures, web pages and other files.
The tool will automatically find relevant material from the web for
you, and also allows you to share pages of your scrapbook by email, so
you can communicate and work with other people.

By using the software and telling us your thoughts, you can shape the
continuing design of the system and aid understanding that will be
used in the design of future software tools for creative work.

The software is available for Mac or Windows, you can download it from
It is entirely free so please give it a go!

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