REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #71 - November 2009 [spoilers]

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Fri Dec 11 18:42:42 PST 2009

On Dec 12, 10:05 am, Andrew Perron <pwer... at> wrote:

> All true.  None of those was really what I was thinking of, though; none of
> them really have that feel of a *setting*.  Plus, the way TV shows are
> written makes it weird.  It's cooperative writing, but instead of having a
> bunch of distinct flavors layered you get a single flavor that's all
> homogenized.

Except that CSI: Miami is very different from the original CSI: the
original is dark and gloomy and set at night whereas CSI: Miami is all
about sunshine and the beach and bright colours and action sequences.
I personally find Without a Trace too depressing because you never
know if the missing person is dead or not.  (I assume sometimes they
are dead or else it will be predictable.)  The different Law and
Orders are also very different with Special Victims Unit and Criminal
Intent focused more on the crime solving whereas the original and
Trial by Jury (I assume) spent more time dealing with the court
cases.  Oh and I forgot about Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice: I
don't watch either show so I can't comment.  Ally McBeal and The
Practice were very different shows, however, whereas Boston Legal is
more like Ally McBeal even though it was a spinoff of The Practice.

The different Star Trek series were also different but that's a
discussion for another newsgroup.


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