REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #71 - November 2009 [spoilers]

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Thu Dec 10 14:02:04 PST 2009

On Dec 10, 3:07 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at> wrote:
> On Dec 9, 8:36 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:
> > Honey-Love Bunny #1-4
> <snip>
> >      The problem is that while it's possible to tell a succession of
> > stories in different styles, this in turn requires a continuing thread of
> > something else - usually of plot that forms an overarching story arc - to
> > draw the series together.  I can't discern anything like that in this
> > case.  There doesn't even seem to be consistency in basic motivation for
> > the lead character.
> I disagree.  It's not very defined, but there's a weird sense of
> "innocent abroad"/"stranger in a strange land" that seems to define
> Honey-Love Bunny.

I'm with Andrew.  Honey-Love Bunny actually reminded me of my own
storyline, only with the guts to abandon continuity and go for all-out

> > Superhuman World 2009: A Date with the Darkness
> >  It's
> > plausible that Leon is simply a to-be-only-briefly-used point of view
> > character, focusing on his reaction to her unique situation.  However,
> > that in turn comes back to the need for the reader to find out what
> > Leon's reaction *is* beyond the merely immediate and physical.
> Indeed!  Remember, every issue is someone's first!

Thanks for the reminder.  It's all one big serial when I read it, so
sometimes I forget the little stories need all the story elements just
like the big one does.

Leon was indeed intended as "point-of-view".  But now he's joined my
character stable, to emerge again when needed.  I haven't figured out
what he's learned yet, other than "Beware of Darkness".  I'd bet he
now sleeps with all the lights on in his house, though.

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