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Wed Dec 2 15:34:35 PST 2009

On Dec 1, 6:17 pm, Mitchell Crouch <mitchell_cro... at>
> Now that all that nasty school stuff is out of the way, I find myself
> with a lot of time to write, and it's my stated intention to continue
> with Possum-Man and conclude the Q arc of Yarns as soon as possible.


> After having been out of it for so long, however, I find I'm having
> difficulty getting back into the 'random' mode and smoothing the
> transition from what I wrote about a year ago into what I'm writing
> now in the pieces.

I know how this is.

> Thus, I'm leaving Yarns #15 in its current state (for now), skipping
> over Yarns #16 (a one-shot Been-Out-Bush-For-Way-Too-Long-Man / City
> Slicker / etc. lead in to the next arc) and going straight to Yarns
> #17-19, which is an idea I've had boiling away for a while now that I
> really just want to get down.

...also this.  I'm totally going to fill those in, I swear! >_>

> That brings me to the question at hand, since this arc is going to be
> set mostly on the LNH-equivalent of Tasmania: would anybody be
> particularly hurt or offended if I retconned "" ( into something that reminded me of
> Tasmania instead of Tanzania? I'm thinking or Tasmani.alt
> or T.alt.smania -- leaning towards T.alt.smania because then there can
> still be the T.alt.sman Sea, and also T.alt.smaniacs.

I doubt anyone'll have a problem.  At worst, you can say that's how
they pronounce it in the dialect your character speak.

> Any feedback on this is welcome. Are there any previous works set in
> Tasmania in LNH literature? I'm about to do a search, but if anyone
> can name any of the top of their heads then that would be greatly
> appreciated.

No headtoppers here!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, crazy sunshine!

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