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Tue Dec 1 16:38:27 PST 2009

Tarq (Mitchell Crouch [mitchell_crouch at]) asked:
> That brings me to the question at hand, since this arc is going to be
> set mostly on the LNH-equivalent of Tasmania: would anybody be
> particularly hurt or offended if I retconned "" (http://
> into something that reminded me of
> Tasmania instead of Tanzania? I'm thinking or Tasmani.alt
> or T.alt.smania -- leaning towards T.alt.smania because then there can
> still be the T.alt.sman Sea, and also T.alt.smaniacs.
Okay, two points:
One. I created the gazetteer and IIRC I'm pretty sure I simply made up 
the name '' in homage to the Warner Bros cartoon 'Tazmania'.  
Also IIRC, I don't think the gag ever go used beyond that.
Two. Mate, what in the world makes you think that just because a particular 
name may have appeared in one story keeps you from using a different name 
in another?  For example, Jamas, Dvandom and myself all use different 
names for Philadelphia.  You want to use something different, then go 
for it.  Heck, if you want, you can think up every single variation and 
then use them all in the same story.  I'm not going to complain.
Saxon Brenton
"Kids these days.  Just not anarchic enough, I tell you."
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