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Mitchell Crouch mitchell_crouch at
Tue Dec 1 15:17:57 PST 2009

Now that all that nasty school stuff is out of the way, I find myself
with a lot of time to write, and it's my stated intention to continue
with Possum-Man and conclude the Q arc of Yarns as soon as possible.
After having been out of it for so long, however, I find I'm having
difficulty getting back into the 'random' mode and smoothing the
transition from what I wrote about a year ago into what I'm writing
now in the pieces.

Thus, I'm leaving Yarns #15 in its current state (for now), skipping
over Yarns #16 (a one-shot Been-Out-Bush-For-Way-Too-Long-Man / City
Slicker / etc. lead in to the next arc) and going straight to Yarns
#17-19, which is an idea I've had boiling away for a while now that I
really just want to get down.

That brings me to the question at hand, since this arc is going to be
set mostly on the LNH-equivalent of Tasmania: would anybody be
particularly hurt or offended if I retconned "" (http:// into something that reminded me of
Tasmania instead of Tanzania? I'm thinking or Tasmani.alt
or T.alt.smania -- leaning towards T.alt.smania because then there can
still be the T.alt.sman Sea, and also T.alt.smaniacs.

Any feedback on this is welcome. Are there any previous works set in
Tasmania in LNH literature? I'm about to do a search, but if anyone
can name any of the top of their heads then that would be greatly

Thank you all very much,

Also, =)

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