WWW: The Continentals: Murder, mystery, adventure--And steampunk!!!

Darryl Hughes the-deeman at webtv.net
Mon Aug 31 10:06:59 PDT 2009

  For the folks who like a little murder, mystery, and adventure with
their steam punky webcomics--THE CONTINENTALS HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!

  1889. Barely a year after the mysterious Jack the Rippers murderous
rampage and equally mysterious disappearance the city of
Mansfordshire, England is shaken by a series of brutal "mangling"
murders that plunge the city into an abyss of fear.

  Investigating the case, Continental Operatives Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe
and his partner the gender bending adventuress lady Fiona Fiziwigg
uncover the threads that bind the murderer, his victims, the highest
echelons of society, it's lowest dregs, and even the police officers
investigating the case in a tangled web of mystery, adventure,
intrigue, and murder that is like Sherlock Holmes, mixed with equal
parts of the 60's tv show "The Avengers", with a dash of James Bond
for flavor.

  The Continentals will be showing monday, wednesday, and friday for
its debut week before settling into it's "mondays only " schedule. And
now, what better way to start a steam punk murder/mystery--THEN WITH A

The Continentals

BTW. For those who'd like to see some "coming attractions" I've
included these sample pages:

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5


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