Review: End of Month Reviews #67 - July 2009 [spoilers]

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On Monday 3rd August 2009 Martin (martinphipps2 at wrote:
> On Aug 3, 11:45 am, Saxon Brenton wrote:
>> it turns out he takes up a
>> career as a court translator,
> Or he could just be an expert witness, something like a psychiatrist
> who tells the court what the defendent was probably thinking. The
> defense called him a "translator" to draw attention to the fact that
> Rover couldn't speak for himself.
>                                          So, just as a matter
>> of record, I will note that 'Generations' makes strong use of the
>> 'superhumans worrying about their children' theme, but uses 'intelligent
>> animals' as a minor trapping.
> I assumed that "intelligent animals" did not necessarily mean animals
> who could talk. After all, it is the lack of vocal cords more than
> anything else that prevents animals from speaking.
A very good point, and one I should have thought of myself.  Mea culpa. 
Non-anthropomorphic may literally mean 'not man shaped' but notionally 
the inability to communicate in human speech is just as strongly related 
to the concept Andrew submitted as anything to do with literal shape, 
like standing upright or opposable thumbs.  
Saxon Brenton
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