Review: End of Month Reviews #67 - July 2009 [spoilers]

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Mon Aug 3 18:33:07 PDT 2009

On Aug 3, 11:45 am, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:
> it turns out he takes up a  
> career as a court translator,

Or he could just be an expert witness, something like a psychiatrist
who tells the court what the defendent was probably thinking.  The
defense called him a "translator" to draw attention to the fact that
Rover couldn't speak for himself.

>      Hmm.  Looking at the above list of themes, one thing that strikes  
> me is how far my random babblings have wandered from the twinned contest  
> themes of the second challenge.  So I'll just finish by making the  
> observation that this story doesn't use the concepts of 'superhumans  
> worrying about their children' and 'intelligent animals' equally.  This  
> is neither a good thing or a bad thing.  Considering that different stories  
> have different structural needs, it's actually reasonable enough that some  
> concepts will receive different levels of emphasis.  So, just as a matter  
> of record, I will note that 'Generations' makes strong use of the  
> 'superhumans worrying about their children' theme, but uses 'intelligent  
> animals' as a minor trapping.

I assumed that "intelligent animals" did not necessarily mean animals
who could talk.  After all, it is the lack of vocal cords more than
anything else that prevents animals from speaking.


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