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On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 02:54:45 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

> [Well, that's a pain.  Two weeks ago I sent out some emails with scanned attachments, and the copies kept in the email's sent box seemed to have been large enough to fill my hotmail.com account.  Thereby preventing me from receiving a large number of posts.  Thank goodness for the RACC archives on Eyrie and google.  Also, if someone has sent me a private email in the past fortnight and it bounced, try again now.]

Eesh.  Sorry.

> Meanwhile, on the 14 April 2009 Andrew wrote: 
>> IIRC, Frat Boy is basically S&P Man's sidekick.  Do IRC?
> Yes.  The original LNH Roster entries say that Steak-And-Potatoes Man (who 
> was originally the All-American), can create any type of food that is 
> considered 'American'; and that Frat Boy backs him up in creating classic 
> frat foods, mainly beer.  (I'm probably wrong about this, but from the 
> context of these entries it looks like they may not be so much 
> cooking/fermenting these substances, but conjuring them from nothing - but 
> I don't recall them ever doing that in the stories.  What do other people 
> think?)

Opinionated Lad and the Net.Warriors #1 has him actually cooking, and since
it was written by his creator...

> Ted Brock introduced another cook: Shake-N-Bake Lass, in a.outSiders.  

Oh, yeah, I remember that.

> Mike Friedman had a photocopier repairman by the name of Brand-Name Boy 
> get Legion membership.  However, he was with the Los Bastardos subgroup 
> last time anybody used him.

Hmmmm.  Would he really count, though?  I thought he was more an outside

> As per the Legion of Occult Heroes series, Bicycle Repair Lad doesn't just 
> do bicycles, he does general machinist work on all the flight.thingees (and 
> I would guess other heavy industrial equipment).

Ooooo, that has potential.

> Uh, I have no idea whether Librarian Lad has actually gotten work in the 
> library.

Library Lad >> And nobody's written it either way.

> And then there's Errand Boy.

That's Our Errand Boy will be right back after these messages!

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kiwi insurance?

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