RACCies: The Third Raccies Hall of Fame Awards

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 14 16:44:52 PDT 2009

       The Third Raccies Hall of Fame Awards.

       General Comments:  Only Three People voted this time leading to a 
whole bunch of tying.  Maybe this was what Jamie Rosen was thinking 
about when he worried that we'd quickly run out of people or stories to 
nominate.  Thankfully there's no rule about having to get more than 10 
points (or two first place votes) to get in the hall.  Thanks to the 
people who nominated and voted.  And congratz to the new Hall of Fame 


1-Paul Hardy (6)
1-Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler (6)
1-Jennifer "Mistlock" Whitson (6)

2-Rob Rogers (5)
3-H. Jameel al-Khafiz (3)

       HALL.OF.FAME2.  FAVORITE SERIES:  as billed, not implemented

1-Dvandom Force [LNH] (6)
1-Legion of Occult Heroes  [LNH] (6)
1-LNH Triple Play  [LNH] (6)

2-Particle Man [LNH] (5)
3-Easily Discovered Man  [LNH] (3)

       HALL.OF.FAME3.  FAVORITE MINI-SERIES:  12 issues or less,
       including one-shots

1-Cauliflower, the Christmas Miracle Pooch [LNH] (8)
1-Retcon Midnight  [LNH] (8)

2-CAW! The Miniseries  [LNH] (5)
3-War Without Worlds [LNH] (3)

       HALL.OF.FAME4.  FAVORITE ARC: multi-issue storyline that
       is NOT HALL.OF.FAME3

1-BloodKitty Saga (Tales of the LNH 291-299) [LNH] (6)
1-Constellation #21-24 (Robot Invasion)  [LNH] (6)
1-Infinite Leadership Crisis (LNH Comics Presents #35-502) [LNH] (6)
1-X-Post Facto (Dvandom Force 46-48) [LNH] (6)

2-Voyeur #5-7 (Triage)  [Omega] (3)
3-Legacy #27-32 (The Fix Saga)  [Omega] (0)
3-LNH Comics Presents #26-32 (Bad Timing Boy vs Good Timing Girl)  [LNH] (0)
3-Tales of the American Dream #10-14 (Beginnings) [TAD] (0)


1-Legion Of Occult Heroes #4 (death of an alt.universe)  [LNH] (6)
1-Limp-Asparagus Lad #55 (Sept. 11 issue) [LNH] (6)
1-Refugees of Net.ropolis #5 (Dr. Medulla)  [LNH] (6)

2-Aeneas & Ferris Special VI (final issue) [LNH] (5)
3-LNH Comics Presents #64 (Infinite Leadership Crisis: California Kid) 
[LNH] (4)


1-Jellomancer  [NTB] (8)

2-Tsar Chasm [LNH] (6)
3-Mouse [LNH] (5)
3-Self-Righteous Preacher  [LNH] (5)


1-Machine/Constellation Crossover (Constellation #18-19, Machine #10-12) 
[LNH/Patrol] (8)
1-Wrath of the Administrator  [NTB] (8)

2-Saviors of the Net [LNH] (5)
3-Nicks Of Time (Decibel Dude & Vigilante Guy meets Agents of P.U.L.P.) 
[LNH/PULP] (4)

       HALL.OF.FAME8:  FAVORITE CONTRIBUTOR: a person who has
       contributed a lot to RACC or alt.comics.lnh.  Creating imprints,
       characters, feedback, writing reviews, essays, managing the
       archives, websites, starting flame wars and so on

1-Ray "wReam" Bingham (6)
1-Saxon Brenton (6)
1-Martin Phipps (6)
1-Tom Russell (6)

2-Ken Schmidt (3)
3-Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes (0)
3-Todd "Scavenger" Kogutt (0)
3-"Joltin" Jeff McCoskey (0)


Arthur "And that's it..." Spitzer

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