[RACCies] 2008 (15th Annual) RACCies Awards Ceremony

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 21:03:40 PDT 2009

Kid Enthusiastic ran out from backstage, flailing his arms, and 
shouted, "It's the RACCies! With special guest presenter Pointless 
Awards Mom!"

                     o  o  o  o  o  o  o
              o  o  o     The  2009     o  o  o
        o  o  o  o  o   (15th Annual)   o  o  o  o  o
              o  o  o   RACCie AWARDS   o  o  o
                     o  o  o  o  o  o  o
"It's time to read the newsgroup,
 It's time to have a fight,
 It's time to--" *BLAM*
"Oh my god!" shouted Thunderclap. "Pointless Awards Mom has been

"What, again?" groused Mouse.

"This year, we're prepared," stated Fearless Leader, as the guest star
was taken away on a cyberstretcher. "activate the backup!"

Cerulean energy blurred midstage, and a blue, glowing version of 
Pointless Awards Man appeared. "Emergency Awards Hologram activated.  
Please state the nature of the awarding emergency."

"All right, everyone, back to your places..."

The Emergency Awards Hologram shuddered, and suddenly took on a
winning smile. The Easily-Discovered Band struck up a rousing tune.
"Welcome, friends, enemies, and innocent, disposable bystanders!  Yes,
it's the 2009 RACCies, where the elite meet and bleat about wheat!
Here she is, Miss Rec.arts.comics.creative!  A thousand elephants! 
And now, to rip off Hugh Jackman--" *BLAM*

"Oh, Kirby damn it."

The hologram was stretchered away, and Fearless Leader stepped up to 
the stage. "Well, it looks like I'm going to be emceeing this year.  
First up are-- um, yes?"

Peregryn stood up. "Are you the pre-Beige Midnight Fearless Leader or 
the post-Beige Midnight Fearless Leader?"

"I'm the 'the author hasn't read Beige Midnight yet' Fearless Leader."

"Fair enough."

"As I was saying, first up are the Discretionary Awards, which will be
presented by Jolt City's premiere sidekick, the Blue Boxer."

The crowd cheered as the person who's really Derek Mason but we're not
supposed to know that rode in on a unicycle. "Thanks, everyone.  This 
is the night where the stars come out, and ever since my fight with 
Mecha-Pol Pot, I've been seeing stars!  Hey-o!"


"...fire that stupid joke writer... Anyway, our first award of the 
for doing thankless adminstrative tasks for years on end, goes to Russ
'Eagle' Allbery!"

A dazzling spray of sparks flew into the air, along with a precog for 
Birds Fly #4.

"Next is the 'JUST FORTY-SEVEN CENTS A DAY' AWARD for contributing any
way you can, which goes to Mitchell 'Tarq' Crouch for Hymenoptera!"

A swarm of Monarchs (and a single Viceroy) were released, flying out 
the skylight. (Why there's a skylight above the stage, we don't know.)

"And finally, the GOLDEN SPOON for stirring up conversation in threads
goes to Martin Phipps!"

Cheesecake-Eater Lad came out.  A giant pot of words rose from the 
floor, and he stuck the spoon into it, stirring around.  He pulled it 
out, and a beautiful woven rug was inside.

"And that's all from me.  Don't phreak out, ladies and gents!" 
Not!Derek rolled off.

Fearless Leader stepped up. "And now, for the regular Named Awards, 
which will be presented by the Unfinished Sentence-Verse's Hank 

There were peals of applause as an intellectual-looking man holding a 
teddy bear came up and adjusted the microphone. "Thank you, Fearless 
Leader. You know, ever since my head was shot off by a giant robot, 

He stopped, staring into space. Fearless Leader blinked, then poked 

"...oh!  Sorry about that.  As I was saying..."

"First up is the RABBIT-BREEDER'S CUP, for the most prolific writer in
this or *any* amateur fiction forum!  The finalists are..."

"Dave Van Domelen!" (Brightsword fights radioactive penguins)

"Martin Phipps!" (Eri Takahashi and Haruto Nakamura examine a set of 
giant footprints)

"And Lalo Martins!" (An epic battle between the Evilverse Legion and 
the Crime Empire)

"And the winner is


"Lalo!" Several dead members of the New Misfits came up to accept, and
Locked Room noted, "I only appear in a single continuity-implant 
series, yet thanks to our writer's ridiculous posting rate, it's like 
I'm a five-twenty-three part of history!"

"Next," continued Hank, "is the JOHNNY SOKKO "COME BACK, GIANT ROBOT, 
COME BACK" LOVING CUP, for the RACCer who's most sorely missed!  The 
finalists are..."

"Ben Rawluk!" (The League of Heroes fly past)

"Hubert Bartels!" (Bishoujo Sailor Senshi Panta poses)

"Jeff McCoskey!" (Scenes from past RACCies play out)

"Jessica 'Jaelle' Ihimaera-Smiler!" (Drabble Girl battles Verbiage

"Matt 'Badger' Rossi!" (Tempest fights alongside the Harrakin)

"And Raymond 'wReam' Bingham!" (All kinds of crazy awesome stuff 

"And the winner is... Jaelle!" A wind whipped up on the stage as 
Jonathan Connery somehow landed a helicopter there. He picked up the 
award, raised one eyebrow, and left.

for our favorite RACC-related web page!  The finalists are..."

"Wil's Ego!" (A pan across a field made up of issues of RACC series, 
each with a really cool cover) ( http://www.wilsego.com/racc/ flashes 
at the bottom of the screen)

"The Eyrie!" (A steam-powered archiving robot picks up the issues from
the last clip and files them neatly) ( http://www.eyrie.org/ flashes
the bottom of the screen)

"And the LNH Wiki!" (FAQ Boy and Roster King dissolve into data) 
( http://www.lnhq.info/wiki/Main_Page flashes at the bottom of the 

"And the winner is... the LNH Wiki!" Grand applause.... that died down
as nobody stepped up to take the trophy.  Finally, Wikiboy scooted up,
bowed, took it, and scooted back.

"Well, there you are." Hank dusted off his hands, and

"...that's odd, I could have sworn he was here a moment ago." Fearless
Leader shrugged. "Our next presenter comes from Artifice Comics.  
Ladies and gentlemen, Johann Weisz!"

Weisz strolled up, waving lazily to the crowd's acclaim.  He took the 
cigarette out of his mouth and dropped it on the stage, stubbing it
with his foot. "Thank y'all.  Now, I'm not a speechmaker... so let's 
get to it."

"The first award is RACC19, FAVORITE NEW TITLE, and the nominees 
are... what, really?  There's only one?  You didn't even consider Post
Modern?  Fuckers.  Anyway, the winner is First Person Shooter Man!"

A *thoomp* was heard, and Will(iam O.) Smith rocketjumped past the the
stage, grabbing the award before he crashed into the wings.

"...huh.  Well, the next award is RACC18, FAVORITE NEW WRITER, and... 
oh, come *on*, you guys.  Only one new writer?  Advertise or 
something, I don't know.  I need the royalties, dammit.  Oh, and the 
winner is Nicholas O'Connor."

William stumbled back out and picked up the trophy before falling into
the orchestra pit.

"Sigh.  All right, RACC17, MOST IMPROVED AUTHOR.  Finally, a category 
with more than one person in it.  Of course, most of you could use 
improvement, eh?" He ducks the tomatoes, bottles, and spleens. "Heh 
heh heh.  The nominees are..."

"Mitchell 'Tarq' Crouch!" (Possum-Man enrolls in elementary school)

"Lalo Martins!" (Amazing Amazon bursts into awesomeness)

"Martin Phipps!" (A crowd holds up signs for and against Extreme)

"Arthur Spitzer!" (Girls relax on beach blankets, sipping eggnog and 
reading James Joyce)

"And Tom Russell!" (The Department of Award Show Cameos makes a point)

"And the winner is... Tarq!" The Reborn Undead Vampire Zombie Jascha 
Heifetz came up, took the award, waved to the crowd, passed it off to 
a shark wearing a Santa hat, and departed.

Weisz shakes his head. "I have to get out of this business.  And, 
finally, there's RACC16, FAVORITE RUNNING GAG.  The nominees are..."

"Dave van Domelen's use of Rush albums as ASH issue titles!" (Solar 
Max rolls the bones with the counterpart of his echo)

"People protesting in-story about the lateness of Beige Midnight!" 
Liberation Front shout "Rhubarb!")

"And 'Mr. Paprika: Now that's a man's pop!'" (A montage of Mr. Paprika
scenes throughout LNH history)

"And the winner is... people protesting in-story about the lateness of
Beige Midnight!" Kid Not Appearing In Any Beige Midnight Story flew 
in, gave a Nixon-esque victory sign, took the award, and left.

"Aaaaand I'm outta here." Weisz tossed the torn envelopes on the floor
and exited stage right.

As Squeaky Clean worked doubletime behind him, Fearless Leader took 
the mike. "Our next presenter needs... a lot of introduction, 
actually.  I've never heard of this guy."

Offscreen, a voice shouted, "Hey, I was one of the main characters in 
Bride of C'thulhu!"

"...right. So, anyway, please welcome Dualist Lad!"

A young man in a half-silver, half-gold outfit came on, mumbling, 
"Bride of C'thulhu, y'know, one of the classic LNH cascades... ahem.  
Greetings to everyone out there in the audience and those watching 
live on RACCCast around the world!  Let's RACCie up!"

While the crowd was still muttering in confusion, Dualist Lad 
continued. "This award is one that's gained a bit of class this year.
The finalists for RACC15, BEST DISCUSSION, are..."

"The Problem With Dialogue!" (Captain Continuity speaks with the voice
of The Tick)

"The Problem of Fourth Wall Breaking!" (Fourth Wall Lass battles the 
Fourth Wallower)

"And Writer's Block and Crazy-Ass Ideas!" (A writer with writer's 
block writes about a writer with writer's block writing about a writer
with writer's block writing about Batman checking his Facebook)

"And the winner is... Writer's Block and Crazy-Ass Ideas!" Writers 
Block Woman, drawn in a Kirby-esque style, appears, takes the award, 
and tosses it up into the air, where it disappears.

"Well, that was RACCtacular!  RACCnificent!  RACC-urghle" Dualist Lad 
shook, and in a flash, split into two, one wearing a fully-gold 
version of the outfit, the other fully-silver.

"C'mon, man," said the silver one. "What *is* this?"

"Hey, I can't help it if our RACClicious patter is ahead of the 
curve," replied the gold one.


"But I--"


"But it's--"



"NO!" There was a shudder, a flash and they were merged again.

"...while I get my head together, why don't I present the next award.
The finalists for RACC" *twitch* "14, FAVORITE PERSON WHO HANGS OUT ON
RACC" *twitch* "are..."

"Arthur Spitzer!" (Pan across the art of the LNH Webcomic)

"Rob Rogers!" (Easily-Discovered Man Lite points at a blackboard, upon
which is written phrases like "Spider-Man 3 -> Wormwood" and "Captain 
Jack is the Whore of Babylon")

"And Tom Russell!" (A convention booth with copies of the Jolt City 
collection; Darkhorse is in a wheelchair signing autographs)

"And the winner is... Tom Russell!" The Nostalgics come up and cheer; 
Jason Righteous narrates, but he can't be heard.

"That didn't go too badly!  See?  I can do this.  Totally."

"...right, next award.  It's RACC13, FAVORITE STORY UNIVERSE, and the 
finalists are..."

"8FOLD!" (Tuck and Gem stand on opposite sides of a mirror)

"LNH!" (Hexadecimal Luthor caresses a globe menacingly)

"And ASH!" (The sun is a mass of incandescent gas... and EVIL!)

"And the winner is... the LNH!" Fearless Leader steps forward to 
accept, but Ultimate Ninja (seemingly wearing fishing gear) flashes 
past and snatches it.

"All right, big finish!" Dualist Lad flash-separates again, and while 
the gold one steps to the side, the silver one takes the mike. "Dual 
Silver, presenting RACC12, FAVORITE REVIEW TITLE!  The finalists 

"End-Of-Month Reviews!" (A calendar with "Review Day" written on the 
1st, crossed out, written on the 7th, crossed out, and written on the 
20th and circled)

"And Russell's Reviews!" (Nested asides dance in glorious 

"And the winner is... End-Of-Month Reviews!" Limp-Asparagus Lad comes 
up, bearing all of Saxon's previous awards on his 
ridiculously-enhanced physique, and collects it.

Dual Silver steps back, and the other comes forward. "Dual Gold, 

"New Exarchs!" (A lineup of Kat, Kopikat, and Robot Girl)

"And Jolt City!" (A lineup of the Green Knight, The Mask With No Name,
and Acro-Bat)

"And the winner, by a single point, is... New Exarchs!" A dizzying 
array of squirrels burst through the floorboards and grab the award 
before scurrying off in every direction.

"And that..." "...is that." One more flash, and Dualist Lad bows, 
waves to the cameras, and leaves.

"Well," said Fearless Leader, "that was... not a fiasco!  Excellent.  
And now, we take you to outside, to our roving correspondent Paisley 

   "Thanks, FL!"

   "Earlier in the evening, we gave out the awards for the RACC Hall 
of Fame in a private ceremony.  The winners were:"

    "HALL OF FAME 8: FAVORITE CONTRIBUTOR: A four-way tie between Tom 
Russell, Martin Phipps, Rob Rogers, and wReam!"

    "HALL OF FAME 7: FAVORITE CROSSOVER: A two-way tie between the 
nameless crossover in Constellation #18-19 (LNH) & Machine #10-12 
(PATROL) and the NTB crossover Wrath of the Administrator!"


   "HALL OF FAME 5: FAVORITE SINGLE ISSUE: A three-way tie between 
Legion of Occult Heroes #4, Limp-Asparagus Lad #55, and Refugees of 
Net.ropolis #5!"

   "HALL OF FAME 4: FAVORITE ARC: A four-way tie between the 
BloodKitty Saga (Tales of the LNH #291-299), the Robot Invasion arc of
Constellation (Constellation #21-24), Infinite Leadership Crisis (LNH 
Comics Presents #35-502), and X-Post Facto ((Dvandom Force #46-48)!"

   "HALL OF FAME 3: FAVORITE MINI-SERIES: A two-way tie between 
Cauliflower, the Christmas Miracle Pooch and Retcon Midnight!"

   "HALL OF FAME 2: FAVORITE SERIES: A three-way tie between Legion of
Occult Heroes, LNH Triple Play, and Dvandom Force!"

   "And finally, HALL OF FAME 1: FAVORITE WRITER: A three-way tie 
between Paul Hardy, Jessica 'Jaelle' Ihimaera-Smiler, and Jennifer 
'Mistlock' Whitson!"

   "Back to you, Fearless Leader!"

"Thanks a lot, Paisley.  Our next presenter comes from beyond the 
net.worlds we know.  The servant of the Source Code, the Ultimate 
Request, the Schizmator, ReFoDis the RACelestial!"

A pair of absolutely enormous feet come out of the ceiling and hover 
just above the stage.  A feeling washes over the gathered crowd, a 
feeling of pride in how this humble newsgroup has developed.


<<POSSUM MAN>> (Sticks Tarqchevskison trips on his shoelaces and 
crashes into a handy pile of cardboard boxes)

<<LEGION OF NET.HEROES VOLUME 2>> (Senses Lass juggles glowing balls, 
containing apes, ninjas, and dark foreboding)


Cyril King comes up. "Friends, ROM.ans, countrymen; from the depths of
my inner being, I thank you.  Peace out, motherf@%#ers!" He leaves.


<<TWITTER>> (A blur of motion streaks back and forth inside an LNH 
flight.thingee; Anal-Retentive Archive Kid holds his head in his

<<FIRST PERSON SHOOTER MAN>> (Cannon Fodder gets telefragged)


A glittering rush sped to the microphone. "@Everybody: Thanks a lot!" 
A twinkle and she was gone.


<<RIPPING DANCER>> (Ripping Dancer looks at a photo of herself 
crucified and raises an eyebrow)

<<WIKIBOY>> (Wikiboy jumps up and down on one foot with eight pieces 
of gum on his face singing the "I'm Just Me" song)

<<DEREK MASON>> (Crap falls on him from a great height)


Wikiboy walks up. "I'd make a speech, but my editors inform me that 
fiction communities on the Internet aren't notable, so..." He shrugs 
and walks off.


<<DEREK RADNER>> (A flowery, pink diary is crushed by an iron fist)

<<HEX LUTHOR>> (Yet more globe-caressing; he really seems to be 
getting into it)

<<THREAD BEAR>> (Ripping Dancer is entangled in a spider's web with 
spools at the edges)


Hex enters, stage left, and says, "Thank you all for your completely 
non-mind-controlled votes!  Here's to four more years!" Suddenly, 
Bicycle Repair Lad jumps him from the rafters, and they exit, stage 
right, in a ball of dust and fists.


<<RIPPING DANCER>> (In a tango with You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough 

<<DOCTOR DEVELOPER>> (Hanging up Christmas lights with Lady Lawful)

<<FEARLESS LEADER>> (Waking up from where he's napping backstage, 
looking around frantically)


Ripping Dancer pirouetted in... but the curtains collapsed on her. 
She ripped her way out, breathing heavily, grabbed the award, and
stalked out.

off, and Fearless Leader came out, stretching and yawning.

"Mmm.  And so, we come to the climax of the night, the final five.  
Presenter for these will be none other than Hercule Poirot.  ...wait, 

A short, balding man with a well-trimmed moustache walked out, opened 
his mouth, and--

"No, wait, no, this is no good," said Fearless Leader. "We can't use 
copyrighted characters!"

"Did someone say copyright?" A wavering portal opened in the air, and 
Copyright Kid and Trademark Lass leapt out.

"The writer's trying to put-- *that* guy, I don't even want to say the
name, in a RACC story.  It's just not allowed."

"Hmmmmm..." Copyright Kid waved a scan.thingee at the Belgian. "That's
odd, he's giving off public domain radiation."

"Here we go," said Trademark Lass, holding up a novel. "The Mysterious
Affair at Styles, published 1920.  His first appearance, and it's out 
of copyright."

"But aren't the rest of his books still under copyright?"

"Technically, you could use the version established in this book, 
without referring to details from later works."

"That's a technicality I'm not sure I want to depend on."

"Don't forget trademark issues."

"Hmmmmm..." They moved into a huddle, whispering.

Fearless Leader stepped back up. "As I was saying, the presenter for 
the final five awards will be none other than... C. Auguste Dupin!"

The master of ratiocination entered. "Thank you, Mssr. F--- L----.  We
may as well get on with this, eh?"

"I have fashioned my intellect in the shape of the mass, such as can 
be found within an assemblage of poets and workers of serial form.  In
this way, I identified the solution to RACC5, FAVORITE SINGLE ISSUE.  
You see, there were only three possibilities, among these..."

"Beige Countdown #5." (The flying ball of fists, and a globe rolls by)

"Derek Radner's Private Journal #2." (Philosophical perspectives on 
the nature of evil, interspersed with "Derek Taylor" written 
repeatedly in glittery purple ink)

"And Beige Countdown #10." (Also Sprach Zarathustra plays as the sun 
comes up over a giant kiwi (the fruit, not the bird))

"It was a simple matter, thus, to see which would excite the emotions.
In the end, it could only be Beige Countdown #10."

Girlwatcher came up. "Ahem," he said. "My stars, they're full of

He left.

"A mathematician would call it meaningless, a logician would call it a
null statement, yet, there it is," noted Dupin. "Torvalds noted that 
there are three states of technology; survival, social order, and 
entertainment.  Our subject tonight is the last of these; but for 
RACC4, FAVORITE ARC, it was the first."

"The lady, that is, Jolt City's 'The Sensational Character Find of 
2007'..." (Derek and Martin have an '80s training montage)

"...or the tiger, issues #1-3 of Beige Midnight, also known as 
'Imperium Hex'." (That damn globe again!)

"Sadly, unlike that classic tale, ours has a simple ending; the cat is
out of the box. Imperium Hex."

The rolling ball of Hex Luthor and Bicycle Repair Lad rolled to a halt
in front of the podium.  Hex wearily picked up the award, attempted to
hit BRL on the head with it, and flopped over.

"Such a man could not have failed to anticipate the ordinary; it was 
the extraordinary that did him in.  So it is with RACC3, FAVORITE 
MINI-SERIES.  As a speeding train crashes in flame, so did these speed
through their days and gutter out.  Study well these cases:"

"Beige Countdown." (A clock, five minutes to midnight.)

"Beige Midnight." (The clock in flames, curling up like a piece of 

"Silver-Age Superfreaks." (Buster Keaton, hanging from the above.)

"In the end, a flicker still burned, and in the end, Beige Midnight 

The award fell off the podium and conked the almost-risen Bicycle 
Repair Lad, who flopped back.

"Monstrum horrendum, an unprincipled man of genius.  Would I say, 
then, that there is no hope?  Indeed not.  It is simply that we must 
exercise the little grey--"

A cough came from backstage.

"--the little grey hamsters on the wheels of our brains," Dupin 
smoothly segued. "RACC2, FAVORITE ONGOING SERIES, did just that.  A 
man who would succeed does not necessarily need to strive; he simply 
needs to put the right piece in the right place.  Three pieces might 
have fit in the puzzle..."

"...Legion of Net.Heroes, Volume 2..." (A grave with a headstone 
labeled 'Idiot')

"...ASH..." (JakZak parachutes onto Hitler)

"...and Jolt City..." (Abner Schrebel launches into a vaudeville act, 
only to get pulled offstage by a giant hook)

"...and yet, only one of them actually did.  There was a hole 
remaining shaped like Jolt City."

Dani Handler and Pam Bierce come in from opposite sides of the stage, 
kicking and punching guards (who weren't there five minutes ago).  
They meet up in the middle, both grab the award, and they 
grappling-hook out through the skylight (seriously, why is that thing 
up there!?).

"And thus, we come to the final award.  Have you guessed the ending 
yet?  Of course not, I haven't told you the clues.  That would just be

"The other day, the anonymous narrator and I were sitting in the 
drawing room, and I brought up the subject of RACC1, FAVORITE WRITER.
I challenged him to guess who had won out of these candidates:"

"Tom Russell." (Haiku Gorilla sits in a drawing room with Jane)

"Arthur Spitzer." (Slobbering Grue sits in a drawing room with 
Anti-Christ Lad)

"Dave Van Domelen." (Constellation sits in a drawing room with

"And Rob Rogers." (Substitute Lad sits in a drawing room with 

"Why," he asked, "was it Dave?" "No," I replied. "Could it be Tom?" 
"Certainly not." "Perhaps Arthur?" "So close." "Then it must be Rob!" 
"And yet it isn't."

"We went around this way for about ten minutes, and he stopped, hand 
to head, and asked me to quit screwing around and just tell him. 
'Your mind was set on a single forest path; you could not see what was
beyond the next tree,' I said. 'No, seriously, who was it?' he said."

"Quite simply, t'was a tie.  Both Rob Rogers and Tom Russell win!"

The stage draws back, to reveal a huge flight of stairs, and at the 
top, Rob and Tom stand. Tom is in a suit with gloves and top hat, 
while Rob wears a fetching dress with a big straw hat.

[To the tune of "I Remember It Well", from Gigi]

Tom: In two thousand nine...

Rob: Two thousand eight!

Tom: We posted green...

Rob: I posted beige.

Tom: Ah, yes... I RACCmember it well.

Rob: Alternate world...

Tom: A future time...

Rob: A giant robot...

Tom: Covered in slime.

Rob: Ah, yes!  I RACCmember it well.

Tom: That infinite April crisis!

Rob: It's over now,
     and the world's in phthisis!

Tom (spoken): What?

Rob (spoken): A disease characterized by wasting away or atrophy.

Tom (spoken): Oh, okay. 
    (singing): It warms my heart to know that you
               Retconned it off, the way you do

Rob: Yes, yes.  I RACCmember it well...

Tom: How I've often thought of that Earth-2  Rob: Earth-3!
     Where we discovered they were all clones.
     It seems the story bankrupted them
     They only survived with high-APR loans!

Rob: That kinky night.

Tom: No, it was doomed.

Rob: That zombie fight!

Tom: A mummy's tomb.

Rob: Oh, yes!  I RACCmember it well!

Tom: Read through email!

Rob: Or on the web!

Tom: Telnet or gopher!

Rob: That's at... an ebb.

Tom: Oh, right.  I RACCmember it well.

Rob: World-crushing cellular slime mold!

Tom: It was a great gray kangaroo.

Rob: Am I getting old?

Tom: Oh no! Not you!
     How funny you are,
     Not one cliche,
     An online poet in every way.

Rob: Ah, yes!  I RACCmember it well.

Both take a bow, and 1930s can-can girls come out and dance.  Fearless
Leader walks up.

"That's our show, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you all for coming, 
drive safely, and Kirby bless."


15th Annual RACCie Winners:

   RACC1, Favorite Writer: Rob Rogers and Tom Russell (tie)

   RACC2, Favorite Ongoing Series: Jolt City

   RACC3, Favorite Mini-Series: Beige Midnight

   RACC4, Favorite Arc: "Imperium Hex," Beige Midnight #1-3

   RACC5, Favorite Single Issue: Beige Countdown #10

   RACC6, Favorite Hero/Protagonist: Ripping Dancer

   RACC7, Favorite Villain/Antagonist: Hex Luthor

   RACC8, Favorite Supporting Character: Wikiboy

   RACC9, Favorite New Character: Twitter

   RACC10, Favorite Parody/Comedy: Legion of Net.Heroes Vol. 2

   RACC11, Favorite Acraphobe/Adult Offering: New Exarchs

   RACC12, Favorite Review Title: End of Month Reviews

   RACC13, Favorite Story Universe: Legion of Net.Heroes

   RACC14, Favorite Person Who Hangs Out On RACC: Tom Russell

   RACC15, Best Discussion: "Writer's Block and Crazy-Ass Ideas"

   RACC16, Favorite Running Gag: People protesting in-story about the 
       lateness of Beige Midnight
   RACC17, Most Improved Author: Mitchell "Tarq" Crouch

   RACC18, Favorite New Writer: Nicholas O'Conner

   RACC19, Favorite New Title: First Person Shooter Man

   The Rabbit Breeder's Cup: Lalo Martins

   The Johnny Sokko "Come Back, Giant Robot, Come Back" Loving Cup: 
       Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler

   The Image Testimonial Timepiece (Batteries Not Included): Arthur

   The "Spider Spins!" Little Lulu Web Page Award: The LNH Wiki


By the way, I apologize for not getting in any Transparent Comics or 
PSP, and having the Pinnacle City be limited to a Thunderclap cameo.  
I also apologize if I mischaracterized any of the characters I did

One thing I learned is that the person who does the RACCies should 
really have been, y'know, *reading* the newsgroup during the period in
question.  I'll definitely apply that next year!  Woo!

Oh, and "phthsis" is pronounced "tie-sis".  Score one for Magic: The 

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, now to work on Digital Jump! #12.

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