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Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 10:24:59 PDT 2009

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009 16:39:10 +0000 (UTC), dvandom at eyrie.org (Dave Van
Domelen) wrote:

>     The key here is that I mine old RPG campaigns a LOT.  My series in the
>Patrol universe, for instance, is based on the first Champions campaign I ran
>back in high school, while ASH is based mostly on the setting of my college
>Champions mega-campaign (mega because it spawned franchise campaigns run by
>other GMs but set in the same world), with modifications made during the
>development of my Modern Knights RPG.
>     For instance, Constellation started as Flood, who was originally a
>member of They Might Be Villains in the Tick-Universe game I ran in my final
>semester of college (shelving ASH to take a break from it), who then got
>imported into the Raiders campaign I ran for Modern Knights.  Over a year
>before I decided to make 2020s ASH, I mined the Raiders campaign extensively
>for Constellation, although I later had to retcon a lot of that into being
>alternate timelines or even mini-universes created by Constellation, since it
>contradicted where I later went with ASH.

You know, I wondered what the Raiders were, back  in the day.  I think
I knew from author's notes that they were based off an RPG campaign,

>     Other times, it's not so much a crossover as reuse of ideas.  Peter
>David's Hannukah story as told by Doc Samson had Antiochus IV portrayed by
>Ultron, and I was amused by the idea of an evil robot calling himself
>Antiochus V.  So not only did I work it into my original Transformers-ripoff
>RoboMACs setting as the Megatron analogue, I also went full circle and
>replaced Mechanon (an Ultron ripoff) in the Raiders setting with Antiochus V
>(I was stripping out all the Hero-owned stuff from the original ASH and
>either totally abandoning it, or finding replacements).  So, the Antiochus V
>in ASH is NOT the RoboMACs version...as far as I can recall, there's been no
>direct crossover between ASH and RoboMACs, just the common link of

Ahhhhhh, I see.  So it's basically "Evil, power-mad robot conquerer
minds think alike".

>     And, yeah, it doesn't help matters that one or another version of
>Constellation has cropped up in all my universes.  The main one was from the
>proto-ASH, traveled to Patrol and fought RoboMACs.  An alternate one ended up
>in Exarchs over in Superguy.  Only the fact that I don't have a single
>Transforemrs fanfic universe has kept it from being tied in somehow.  :)

Yes, of course, it's all connected!  Aglets! @-@

>     All that said, I try to make sure out-of-universe stuff in ASH stories
>is explained in the relevant stories, rather than making people go look up
>old LNH or Patrol.  Exarchs wallows in old cross-continuity a bit more often,
>but it's unabashedly self-indulgent in a lot of ways.  And to follow
>Constellation/Dvandom Force requires more than just following my own work,
>what with all the crossovers and my tendency to homage or outright rip off
>whatever caught my eye.

Which is fun itself!

>     Dave Van Domelen, keeping LNHers fictional within ASH...Paper Tigers was
>a fun goof, but not something to repeat now that ASH is actually developed in
>its own right rather than simply a bit of source material.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, who enjoyed LNH 2025 back in the

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