LNH: 58.5 #48: Warning, Giant Marshmallow Puppies Inside

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Wed Apr 1 13:49:39 PDT 2009

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 13:04:34 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins
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>Then I woke up here.  You
>were dead.  Which means I get dibs on the top bed."


>"Well, obviously, you're going to kill me, then cut me in a lot
>of very small pieces."

Then you'll spread him among a lot of trash bags so that nobody can
steal your personal information.

>             Part 1 of "Cannon Fodder Triumphant"

Innnnnnteresting.  I guess we're getting toward the end of the

>"Not all villains you apprehend can just be put in jail, or even
>given a trial.  We get androids -- in the old days, we'd just
>dismantle or deactivate those, but now with the robot rights
>movement, that's no longer acceptable -- and clones, and aliens
>from friendly space nations, and aliens from unknown origin...
>then there are regular foreign individuals whom, for whatever
>reason, their government of origin wants nothing to do with--"
>"Grammar kind of got away from you on that one", said Sammy.


>She looked at him incredulously.  "Who cares about grammar?!

Bah!  I do!  Grammatical Gauntlets, activate!

>"He doesn't know how your powers work as well as I do.  When he
>looked, there wasn't enough to recover, so he walked away.  I,
>on the other hand, just stuck around long enough, until at some
>point, there was enough to recover... then, like any good cat, I
>dragged it away."

Which makes me wonder if you could starfish Cannon Fodder.

>Her eyes narrowed in rage.  "*I* am Vector Prime."
>"I'm sorry, dear", said, uh, the other Vector, from the end of
>the corridor.  "You're just a crazy clone gone free for way too
>long.  But no more."

Ooooo, interesting.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, activate Chokoujin Grammar God!

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