LNH: Introduction to First Person Shooter Man

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Fri Oct 31 20:05:19 PDT 2008

}<Basic Information>{
Name: William O. Smith (yes, I realize he's "Will Smith", this is just a           
Author: Nicholas O'Connor
Free Domain: Yes, but e-mail me so I know you've used him
Other Notes: Aggressive, but a team player. Has a habit of asking about a 
flag. Also known as "FPS Man" for short

  William O. Smith was a 40 year old man, fat and bald. Will was unable to 
graduate high school, so now he lives in his mother's basement, where all 
he does is play first person shooter games on his computer. One night, 
there was a thunderstorm near Will's mother's house, but he couldn't hear 
it over his own screaming at his team through his headset microphone. A 
power surge occured, and severely electrocuted Will through his headset 
(which fried, but that's not plot critical, now is it?). When the ambulance 
finally got Will into the hospital, a passing nurse accidentally slipped on 
a bit of wet floor and dumped medical waste onto him. This cliche, combined 
with the lightning and thoughts about whether or not his team won, formed 
his powers.
  Now, he calls himself freelance, and works at his headquarters (still his 
mother's basement) spending his freetime looking for cheats and/or hacks to 
this game called "life". Though calling himself freelance, he has mostly 
been on the LNH's side, though will work for the villians if they are 
severely outnumbered, so "the server admin doesn't ban him". Though fat, he 
has quick reflexes.

}<Superhero Related Details>{
Uniform: Green with a red crosshair logo on it.
Abilities/Powers: Has an HUD to inform him of his vital signs, capable of 
switching to unseen weapons by scrolling a mouse wheel on his right middle 
finger. Capable of spawning medkits to heal himself and others.

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