LNH/META: Please Boycott The Legion of Net.Heroes Webcomic!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 31 18:10:48 PDT 2008

I have sad news to report to the reader(s) of the Legion of Net.Heroes 
Webcomic.  Yesterday was the first anniversary of the strip and I was 
planning on writing a special comic for it and posting it six months 
from now.  Sadly, I guess I won't be doing that.   I, the creator and 
writer for the past 12 months, have been fired from it and replaced with 
some other loser.

It's true that when I created this strip I signed a contract that gave 
away all of my rights to it to the JONG Company for 12 bucks, a JONG 
baseball cap, and a JONG coffee mug.  So it was perfectly within their 
rights to fire me.  I just never expected them to.

Why did they fire me?  They gave me a variety of reasons from being 
constantly late, blown deadlines, writing the strip drunk, writing the 
strip naked, drug abuse, badly grammar, misspelled wurds, lying about 
what happens in a day in the life of Arthur Spitzer, pretending to hang 
out with James Frey, not being funny, not being coherent, not drawing 
well, low ratings, and a bunch of other stuff.

But I don't think those were the reasons that they fired me.  Nope. 
Here's the reason I believe I was fired.  I was fired because I 
accidentally slept with the President of the JONG Company's wife and 
then accidentally got caught for it.  That's the reason I think I was 
fired.  I guess that was the final nail in the camel's broken hump.

And now they've replaced me with some punk called Sirius S. Sirius. 
Supposedly, the next messiah of superhero writing.  The next (Alan 
Moore/Leo Tolstoy/David Simon) who's going to save the superhero genre 
and show that it can really be art and literature.  Who's going to write 
the most serious superhero graphic novel that the world has ever seen!

But I say we don't give him that chance.  I say we all boycott: The 
Legion of Net.Heroes Webcomic!

I say we don't click on this link beneath this sentence.


I say we ignore this link and don't click on it.  No.  Don't click on 
it!  Please!!

And if everyone doesn't click on this link and ignores the Legion of 
Net.Heroes Webcomic maybe just maybe the ratings for it will be lower 
than mine and he'll get fired!  Maybe.

And you know what else you should do?  Write hate mail!  Yeah!

Specifically write hate mail to this e-mail address: 
thejongpresident at jongcompany.com.

Please tell them to fire Sirius S. Sirius and hire Arthur Spitzer back 
to write the LNH Webcomic.

Please make sure your hate mail sounds very crazy, so we can scare the 
hell out of them.

And please remember:  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!!!


Boycott the LNH Webcomic!!!

Thank you,

Arthur "Fired Writer" Spitzer

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