REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #57 - September 2008 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Oct 13 14:53:00 PDT 2008

On Monday 13 Oct 2008 Martin Phipps replied:
> On Oct 13, 12:17 pm, Saxon Brenton  wrote:
>> Silver Age Superfreaks #6
>> 'Nightfall'
>> A Superfreaks [Superfreaks] series
>> by Martin Phipps
>>      (Which, according to comments-after-the-fact, was supposed to have been  
>> labelled 'Mightnight').
> Midnight.  I don't know why I typed "Nightfall".  That was the title
> to #5.
[stares]   Great Googly moogly.  How did that typo get past the spellcheck? 
[shakes head in bewilderment]  Ick.  A big enough error that it'll earn a 
correction in the next EoMR, methinks.
> Everything you say is true BUT there's the added complication that
> almost everything is told from the point of view of the police and the
> lawyers and, as a result, we never find out, for example, why The
> Super Soldier just happened to be at the bank at the time it was being
> robbed.  
Valid points.  And when you (or things like Busiek's _Marvels_) start 
with non-protagonist points of view, and then through in things like, 
ooo, the-world-is-saved-but-only-if-it-remains-a-secret plot twists, 
well, you can understand why people get paranoid.
> Oh and this wasn't really a trial because The Super Soldier hadn't
> been arrested.
Okay.  I don't watch any cop shows, so I wouldn't know either the 
procedures or the terminology. 
Saxon Brenton

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