LNH/Meta: The LNH wiki (some changes)...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu May 15 22:34:33 PDT 2008

Lalo Martins wrote:
> Also spracht Arthur Spitzer (Fri, 16 May 2008 00:13:57 +0000):
>> I tried to register, but there was an error...
> You're registering on the "wrong site" :-) go to the wiki (manually 
> append /wiki to the URL) and use the "login/register" link on the top 
> right.  I didn't bother to integrate the mediawiki accounts with my own 
> system's accounts, since the latter is currently broken, and is going to 
> be replaced in the near future anyway.
> best,
>                                                Lalo Martins

Okay.. yeah, I missed that... probably because it's really, really tiny...

I've registered and transferred a few pages there...

Arthur "Only 400 more to go..." Spitzer

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