REVIEWS: Russell's Reviews Volume One # 11

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Mon Mar 31 20:11:38 PDT 2008

Tom Russell wrote:

> 17], Spitzer
>    In the writer's notes accompanying this story,
> Arthur Spitzer says that "This is pretty horrible",
> and I must say this is one case where I emphatically
> disagree with the arthur's own interpretation of his
> work.
>    Stories like this one are actually pretty awesome. 
> First off, it's balls-out hilarious.  Every line is
> funny-- even the ones that aren't.  I can't say that
> the story appeals to the heart, as it isn't exactly
> sentimental, or even that it appeals to the brain,
> because the last thing it has anything to do with is
> logic.
>    This is a story that appeals directly to the
> funny-bone.  The constant, almost arbitrary surprises
> and peculiar turns of phrase create a kind of
> surrealism unhampered by the pretensions of
> surrealists; this is a story that exists purely to
> exist, purely to entertain and frighten us and to make
> us say, "what the fuck was that", over and over again.
>    "This is pretty horrible," Arthur said, "but I felt
> I needed to write it anyway."
>    And to that I say, Don't fight it.  Feed your
> impulse, Arthur.  Follow this whacked-out muse of
> yours.  The end results are too glorious and rewarding
> to ignore it.

You're too kind, Tom.

Glad you like it...

I guess for a two hour rush job it could be worse...

Of course the stuff I'm writing for the RACCies ceremony
will be really horrible.  :)

(Although at least Martin wrote a big chunk of that so it
won't be all bad)...

Arthur "Tallying ballots" Spitzer

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