META: The Problem of Subjectivity

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at
Thu Mar 13 23:24:05 PDT 2008

Martin Phipps wrote:
> Because you think I'm a liar and I won't admit something when it is
> true?

No, because I'm a liar and project my own world views onto other people 
in a pitiful attempt to prevent people from seeing what a disgusting 
human being I really am.  That and I totally didn't think you'd see it 
that way.

> If you can't say something nice... then at least be able to back it
> up. :)

Every opinion is worth something, so long as it's something you want to 
hear, eh.  You know, you'd make an excellent comic book writer, and I 
mean that.

> Similarly, Roger Ebert very, very rarely ever says that he'd "hate
> hate hate" a movie...

You know, I really am beginning to think your definition of "objective" 
is the same as your definition of "subjective," because you keep using 
examples that go something like: it's a hard-fast rule that things are 
this way, unless they aren't.  Really, which is it?

Andrew Burton
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