META: The Problem of Subjectivity

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> And yet it seems to me that
> if a reviewer admits that his reviews are "100% subjective" then he
> should give up any pretense of objectivity, accuracy or
> constructiveness.

Perhaps consistency is an easier benchmark than

For example, I (as reviewer) could say that I
tend to prefer stories in which the main
character changes in some significant way
and is responsible for driving the action,
rather than reacting to events.

Also, the story should include pirates.

And redheaded cheerleaders.

Now, you could certainly argue that my
criteria are subjective (and you probably
should).  But as long as I apply them
consistently while reviewing stories,
authors will know where I'm coming from,
and whether to accept my criticisms or
dismiss them as coming from a deranged,
pirate-loving pervert.

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