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> > my Extension English Major Work proposal, the collection of several
> > post modern texts to study (hell YES I'm grabbing as many LNH pieces
> > as I can!), a two page Extension Maths assignment, and a Related Text
> > Folio for Advanced English.
> You know, I've never really thought of the LNH as
> postmodern before... but I suppose stories that
> include talking footnotes, self-aware fictional
> characters and battles that take place on the
> surface of the fourth wall probably qualify.

Oh yeah. The definition they gave us in class (which was three pages
long, but says not much else than what you've outlined above) was
pretty much *exactly* the LNH; of course, the example that we have to
study is 'Shrek', but the LNH... well, it's the LNH. Bugger off,

> I'm just curious... what's the thesis of your
> study, and which LNH stories will you use?

We just had to assemble a list of texts which were self-aware to show
that we understood the concept; I had 'LNH' written in giant letters
across the page (it wasn't an assessment task) with the URL of issue
#1 of Jamas' Drabble Girl miniseries.

The assessment task for this topic is a 5,000 word story that shows
postmodernism, sophistication of language and conveys the values and
beliefs of modern/postmodern society. My original proposal was an
appropriation of 'The Little Mermaid' into an epic poem with
dinosaurs, but it was knocked back because the teacher didn't feel I
would be able to show enough modern values so many million years ago.
So instead it's a short story set in a vaguely dystopian world after
the collapse and re-emergence of social class. With superheroes (and

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