REVIEW: Russell's Reviews Volume One # 9

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Mar 7 13:49:46 PST 2008


We have fundamentally different and perhaps mutually exclusive ideas
on art, criticism, and human beings.  If you find my advice to be so
backwards and wrong-headed, why on earth do you want me to give it?

Just about every time I review one of your stories, we have an
argument.  And it's not the fact that we have an argument that's bad;
argument is healthy.  It's that it's the same argument, over and over
and over (and over) and over and over* again.

[*-- and over.]

An argument that's ceased to be helpful or in any way illuminating.
I'm tired of being called (or inferred) a hypocrite or a liar or some
kind of egotistical self-styled guru; I'm also tired of the bizarre
accusation that my reviews are the result of some strange and
apparently long-held grudge.  And all that leads me to ask-- why on
earth would I want to review one of your stories again?

Why spend my time and effort on doing something that is so

I'm done with this, Martin.  I'm not reviewing your stories.  That's
it.  Finito.  Donezo.

Since my advice is so wrong-headed and dishonest, I don't think you'll


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