REVIEW: Russell's Reviews Volume One # 9

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Mar 7 06:35:10 PST 2008

On Mar 7, 6:47 pm, Tarq <mitchell_cro... at> wrote:
> ROOOAAARGH! No stories for Russell to Review this week?!

That's quite alright, actually.

I should mention that the cut-off day for stories to be reviewed is
Thursday; anything posted on a Friday will be reviewed the following

On Mar 7, 6:24 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at> wrote:

> He can always go back and review some stuff he missed reading before.
> All anybody would ask is that he have something nice to say.

Sometimes I say things people want to hear, and sometimes I don't.
It's called honesty, and if someone doesn't want my honest opinion,
it's probably best that I offer no opinion at all.


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