LNH/Meta: Characters that are operating in 1956...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 6 16:58:32 PST 2008

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> Arthurs asked of magical charcters running around the Looniverse in 1956.
> Schwa Khan - fiendish (and yet lame) oriental mastermind who 
> appeared in _Constellation_, with a backhistory as an opponent 
> of the PULP Institute.  Supposed to be immortal, going by the 
> Fu Manchu stereotype probably has skills in both science and 
> magic, in the story definately has enough esoteric wherewithall 
> to alter the properties of Plotdevicium (_Constellation_ #33)

Yeah, I was thinking about him...

I think mostly I was looking for characters to name drop.. wasn't
really planning to write the scene with the magic battle... so
maybe he's there in Net.ropolis at that time...

Wasn't there a Baron Umlaut too?  Did he dabble in magic?

Mostly though I'll probably just drop names of character rather
than write anything with them...

> Contrary to what Martin suggested for Old Comics Man being 
> 'Comics Man' at the time, according to the narration he gave 
> New Look Lass in _Challengers Of The Abominable_ #0-1 he was 
> known as Commander Comics during 'the fifties' through to 1959 
> when the CotA were fighting Sasquatch Prime and her forces of 

Don't think I'll be using him...

Thanks for the list...

> The point about some of the older NTB characters is a good 
> one.  I know that Bluey was born in the late 19th century and 
> ages very slowly.  Hmm.  Let's check the NTB roster, and avoid 
> the NTBers who are too blantly ripped off from copyrighted 
> charatcters.
> Bacchus is the Greek god of wine, and is effectively immortal.  
> Whether you'd meet him outside of a bar is another question.
> Doubt would be an immortal as well, although his membership of 
> the Endless might be pushing copyright.  It's been ages since 
> I skimmed the Netrigan/Dance of the Daemon series, but I think 
> he's also an immortal demon - is he free/active at that time?
> Dark Mage/Dark Rose is supposed to be based vaguely on Rose, 
> Dr Occult's female side, and depending on how far you want to 
> stretch the intrepretation that might mean having been active 
> as far back as World War 2.
> Grimslut is doomed to be eternally reborn whenever he's killed, 
> but that doesn't tell us how long he's been stuck in this state.  
> Likewise Rushed Post, who has 'immortality' (in quotes) as one 
> of his powers.
> On a slightly different tack, it probably doesn't matter that 
> we don't know Mr E.K.Mouse was born, since his ability to travel 
> through time means he could kibbitz in 1956.  Likewise the Dvandom 
> Stranger.

Of course time travels means everyone can be there... :)

Arthur "Probably will be short..." Spitzer

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