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Arthurs asked of magical charcters running around the Looniverse in 1956.

Schwa Khan - fiendish (and yet lame) oriental mastermind who 
appeared in _Constellation_, with a backhistory as an opponent 
of the PULP Institute.  Supposed to be immortal, going by the 
Fu Manchu stereotype probably has skills in both science and 
magic, in the story definately has enough esoteric wherewithall 
to alter the properties of Plotdevicium (_Constellation_ #33)
Contrary to what Martin suggested for Old Comics Man being 
'Comics Man' at the time, according to the narration he gave 
New Look Lass in _Challengers Of The Abominable_ #0-1 he was 
known as Commander Comics during 'the fifties' through to 1959 
when the CotA were fighting Sasquatch Prime and her forces of 
The point about some of the older NTB characters is a good 
one.  I know that Bluey was born in the late 19th century and 
ages very slowly.  Hmm.  Let's check the NTB roster, and avoid 
the NTBers who are too blantly ripped off from copyrighted 
Bacchus is the Greek god of wine, and is effectively immortal.  
Whether you'd meet him outside of a bar is another question.
Doubt would be an immortal as well, although his membership of 
the Endless might be pushing copyright.  It's been ages since 
I skimmed the Netrigan/Dance of the Daemon series, but I think 
he's also an immortal demon - is he free/active at that time?
Dark Mage/Dark Rose is supposed to be based vaguely on Rose, 
Dr Occult's female side, and depending on how far you want to 
stretch the intrepretation that might mean having been active 
as far back as World War 2.
Grimslut is doomed to be eternally reborn whenever he's killed, 
but that doesn't tell us how long he's been stuck in this state.  
Likewise Rushed Post, who has 'immortality' (in quotes) as one 
of his powers.

On a slightly different tack, it probably doesn't matter that 
we don't know Mr E.K.Mouse was born, since his ability to travel 
through time means he could kibbitz in 1956.  Likewise the Dvandom 

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