LNH/Meta: Characters that are operating in 1956...

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Wed Mar 5 18:43:59 PST 2008

     Martin already dug up the Society.  They do exist in the Mainstream
Looniverse, but were only active in the 1950s, ceding way to groups like the
Net.astic Nine and the LNH with the passage of time.  On Earth-Goon, they
continued to be the only game in town well into the 1990s.
     Before using Neddie Thunderbox, you should probably know that a
thunderbox is a military field toilet, so named because of the reverberations
caused in its tin walls by its intended use.  So it's a profoundly nasty
magic power, more suited for radio innuendo than actual on-screen depiction.

     Dave Van Domelen, giving permission for use, but if you're not familiar
with the Goon Show you might want to bone up on it.

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