Superfreaks: Extreme #2

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Thu Jun 19 21:22:56 PDT 2008


You know what, Martin-- I was wrong the whole time, and you were
right.  I am an idiotic child who loves to cause pain to others.  I
guess I just needed to hear it from someone else.

Thank God George Chen came along!  He seems like a really reasonable
fellow.  That's why I spent some time going through some of his old
USENET posts.  I think you should be careful, though.  There's
something a little weird about him.

For starters, he only seems to post in threads that you're posting
in.  Of course, I haven't checked all 627 messages he's posted in 48
different USENET newsgroups since August of 2006, but a cursory glance
at most of them lead me to believe he has no other interest but in
Martin Phipps.  He even writes like you, using the same exact sentence
and paragraph structure-- a lot of short, choppy sentences in rather
long paragraphs!

Oh, and here's something *really* weird-- in this message,
, Mr. Chen signs off with your name instead of his own!  That's a
little scary!

Some people have even gone so far as to suggest he's a sock puppet of
-- but of course that's ridiculous on its face.  The only possible
conclusion, then, is that he's obsessed with you, and that he's been
obsessed with you for a long time.  I think that's cause for some

Still, I'm glad he happened to come across our little newsgroup and
tell me what a ginormous freak I am and what a work of genius
SUPERFREAKS: EXTREME is.  I should never review anything that anyone
writes ever again.


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