Superfreaks: Extreme #2

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Thu Jun 19 03:09:51 PDT 2008

On Jun 19, 11:27 am, George Chen <georgech... at> wrote:
> I'm impressed with the way these first two issues have brought in
> elements of pop culture (documentaries, science fiction, reality TV,
> crime dramas, superheroes) and put them together in a way such that
> they don't clash but form a cohesive whole.  It seems as though the
> series isn't so much about Extreme but the world in which he lives.
> It's a world where people have become jaded to the idea of mutants,
> aliens and superheroes to the point where they're as mundane as ipods
> and cellphones.  Which makes sense.  People adapt.  We get used to
> everything.  Eventually everything becomes mundane.  Matter of fact.
> I liked the way Extreme and Wendy argued about whether or not people
> know he has superhearing or not.  "They know I can hear them.  That's
> why they cry out 'Extreme!  Help me!' whenever they're in danger."
> "Exactly.  They shout.  They don't know how good your hearing is."
> Very funny.

Thanks.  I appreciate honest commentary from anybody.  It's malicious
bile that I can't abide.


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