REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #53 - May 2008 [spoilers]

LadyofShadows apothecarydragoon at
Mon Jun 9 08:15:01 PDT 2008

>      Ars Magna #3  [AC]

Thank you for actually getting through the jumps of the story. Its
been over 5 years since an installment of Ars Magna has been released,
so I had my work cutout for me getting it caught up with current
continuity. If you need back reference for the Imperial Magistrate
check out the "Imperial Magistrate Saga" and "New Mages Final Mix";
and for backstory on Lady of Shadows and the multiple Sheilas see
Anthology 2 "Talisman: Harlequin Novelty".

- A. Corgan

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