Superfreaks: Extreme #1

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Mon Jun 9 03:08:58 PDT 2008

On Jun 6, 10:06 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at> wrote:

>   "If you sneeze when you think about me
>   "Know that I'm also thinking of you
>   "If you're awoken in the night by cell phone
>   "You can bet it's cause I'm calling you
>   "Sometimes you might wonder
>   "If my love for you is true
>   "You wonder if you and I
>   "Are really meant to be
>   "In your heart you wonder if I'm the one
>   "Love for you well then don't worry any more
>   "Oh baby talk to me more often
>   "Think of me more often
>   "Make sure that you spend more time with me than you have
>   "Oh please no more small talk
>   "Tell me what you're really thinking
>   "Cause baby I do really love you!  Love you!"

This is, incidentally, an actual translation of half of  the song "Ai
Ni" by Cyndi Wang.  The rest of the song is pretty much nonsensical if
translated into English but Myndi Huang interrupted her clone before
she could continue so it wasn't a problem.  I mention this now because
this afternoon I had a karaoke party with one of my classes at a
college where I teach part time.  I got my students to sing some
Beatles songs and they got me to sing "Ai Ni" by Cyndi Wang.  I could
sing the song because I've watched the video many, many times. :)

I haven't been posting here much these past few weeks because Michael
has been on summer vacation.  He's going back to school next week and
I'll get my computer back. :)


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