META: Omega?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Fri Jul 18 18:26:37 PDT 2008

sledgehammerprincess at wrote:
> Is Omega still active?

Since the last story was posted December 21, 2002... I guess not...

Was searching the google because of this thread and found the first 
Omega story posted on RACC...

Yes, today is the Omega Imprints birthday!

If it hadn't died back in 2002, it would have been 14 years old today!

Anyways, in celebration of the Omega Imprints birthday everyone should 
probably read an Omega story today...

Here's a continuity list for you people who are into that stuff...


for the rest... (actually not all of the Omega stories are in the 
archive for some reason... like the last issue of the Blood mini)

Arthur "This post is being monitored..." Spitzer

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