REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #54 - June 2008 [spoilers]

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Sun Jul 6 20:50:15 PDT 2008

On Sunday 6 July 2008 Lalo Martins (lalo.martins at felt compelled 
to point out the obvious:

> That's a summary, not a review. Was it so good that you had nothing to 
> say, or so bad that you didn't dare? 
As Jamas has already pointed out, I tend to do that from time to time. 
Okay, fine, forget that - I tend to do it a lot.  On this occasion I was 
cranky - mainly at myself - for not being able to finish LNHv2#28 last 
week (I only just sent the prelimary draft off for editorial review this 
morning) and then get on with stuff for Beige Midnight.  So, basically, 
I went "fsck it!" and just mainly posted plot summaries.  I deliberately 
went out of my way to find something to talk about with new stuff like 
_Chessmen_ and _Guardian Sentai Roboman_, and I was able to put in minor 
comments without too much effort for _Jolt City_ and _Extreme_.  As for 
things like _58.5_, _ASH_, and _Reverse Engineers_, they were much the 
same quality as every month, and for time reasons I just didn't feel 
up cudgelling my brain to find a new angle of discussion.
There, now you know my dirty secret.  Well, one of my dirty secrets.
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