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Sun Jul 6 17:04:14 PDT 2008

The New Mega Comics Group web site is almost a month old. For almost
month we have been re-presenting the Legacy Comics Black & White
Independent title Project: New Man originally published in 1991. Now
we have for your reading and viewing pleasure the first isssue of
Project: New Man’s sister book Humants! Freazie and I are really
excited at the prospects of bringing these titles out of mothballs
publishing them in a larger market than they have ever been in, the
World Wide Web. We hope you will enjoy your daily dose of Humants and
will take the opportunity to let us know what you think of the book
and this site overall. Your feedback will determine where we go from
here. So fire up those keyboards and let us have it!
Also don’t forget to browse the Mighty Mega Comics Group Checklist to
see what else we have up our sleeves for the near future.
Check out the cover for Humants number one, penciled by Freazie
Jr., inked by me, Mark Poe and colored by none other than Nathan
Massengill! Yes, THAT Nathan Massengill!
* Read Legacy Comics 1991 Black and White 32 page Independent Comic:
Project: New Man #1! Dave Davison is the subject of Project: New Man,
a partly secret joint venture of the U.S. Government and the Fortress
Foundation, a private sector non-profit philanthropic organization
didicated to public defense and scientific research. Dave has the
role of being part of the research project and at the same time being
groomed by the Government as a public protector in the Five Lakes
Megalopolis area. Dave has a dark past which he hoped was dead and
buried but in his first public adventure he confronts his past and an
old partner head on in “The Mall Massacres”. Written by Freazie
Jr. with art by Mark Poe, Thomas O’Conner, Nathan Massengill, and
Baker also lettering by Billy Leavell. To be followed next month by
his back up series originally published in the Humants book.
* Read Legacy Comics 1991 Black and White 64 page Independent Comic:
Humants! The Five Lakes Megalopolis residents are use to such things
as high crime rates and garbage strikes, but the recent unnatural
storms as well as the appearance of unusual individuals wielding
supernatural powers has them rattled. Krystal McCliston is an
investigative reporter looking into the mystery behind the strange
happenings when she learns there are “Humants Among Us!” Written &
Drawn by Freazie White, Jr. with inks by Mark Poe and Alan Lewis also
lettering by Billy Leavell. Including in the months to come never
before published material!

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