RACCies: RACCies Hall of Fame Ballot for 2008 [last call]

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 29 19:11:16 PST 2008

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Last call for ballots...
> So far only two people have sent in ballots!

Now.. three ballots!

Come on people.  One more ballot and we can break
last year's record of three ballots.  Yes!  Just
one more ballot!

And it's really easy to do... you can vote in only
one category if you want... just type in one story
or person... and that's all... no extra work!


You could just clip the ballot below and e-mail
it to me!

arspitzer at earthlink.net
         (arspitzer at earthlink.net)




(Unless your name happens to be wReam then I suggest you
write another name there)

See -- easy!

I dare anyone to e-mail me the above ballot...

You have till January 31st... :)

Arthur "I double dog dare you.." Spitzer

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