REVIEW: Russell's Reviews, Volume One # 4

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Sun Jan 27 15:05:26 PST 2008

On Saturday 26 Jan 2008 Tom Russell 
> Rather, what this challenge entails is the writing
> of a Modified Idiot Plot. The modification? Make it
> good. Write a good story that turns on characters
> acting like idiots.
Hmmm.  I can think of at least further two variations 
on a Modified Idiot Plot idea, but they both rely on 
people knowing that they're acting like idiots and 
doing so deliberately for specific goals.  
The first relies on the protagonist(s) deliberately 
walking into some sort of trap/dangerous situation, 
and going through the motions of doing stupid 
things in order to lure their opponents into a false 
sense of security.
The second is highly specialised, and involves 
characters who know that they are fictional doing 
something stupid because it's part of the genre 
conventions and almost certainly the best way to 
advance their agenda.
The question then becomes: does your challenge only 
involve people who are being genuinely stupid?, or 
people who are smart enough to use stupid actions 
as tools?
Saxon Brenton
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