[ASH][PRECOG] ASH is Coming Home!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Thu Jan 17 20:00:42 PST 2008

     ASH #86-88, "Coming Home", is coming soon!  At the end of "Four To
Never," a hero, a spy, a villain and an antihero were left stranded in the
past, with their friends and loved ones having no idea where or when they
were.  You've seen part of their story in Coherent Super Stories, but it's
time to tell the other side of Solar Max and Jen Kleinvogel's quest to make
it back to 2026!

     ASH #86 - Stormbringer - 99% finished, just waiting on a Library of
Congress info search (and if it doesn't come in soon, I'll go ahead and make
something up).
     ASH #87 - Devastation - About half done, give or take.

     ASH #88 - Infiltration - Rough idea stage.  *Probably* the end of the
arc, but it's possible I'll come up with more stuff I want to deal with than
will fit into a single issue.  In which case, part four will be titled

     Dave Van Domelen, suspects at least one person will get the thing tying
the issue titles together, but the story doesn't actually have anything to do
with it.  :)

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