RACCies: Limp Promotions: Saxon Brenton’s 2008 Self-Promotional Binge

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[RACCies] Limp Promotions: Saxon Brenton's 2008 Self-Promotional Binge

   To the best that I can work out, here is the list of things I wrote 
and posted in 2007.  I'll try and get the Looniverse eligibles master 
list done sometime I the next half week.
Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer 
Ninja Gorillas! #3  [LNH]
'Some Of Our Killer Ninja Gorillas Are Missing!'
   Bluetooth (nee, Never-Gets-Credit-for-His-Dialogue Lad) returns and 
helps thwarts some of the Killer Ninja Gorillas... Or Does He!?
Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #23  [LNH]
'Slash Fiction'
   Ah yes, THAT story.  Technically a Beige Countdown tie-in, in reality 
this was about the Legion trying to discover the identity of the 
telepath transmitting badly written gay slash fiction into their brains.
   First appearance of both Nicholas Boltner and John Goodberries, and 
they're therefore eligible for Favourite New Character and probably 
Favourite Support Character.  Nicholas would probably also be eligible 
for Favourite Antagonist too, I suppose.
Limp-Asparagus Lad #58  [LNH]
'Decimation' part 3
   Oh, look.  It was the final part of the 2006 Ape Month story.  The 
Legion goes up against one of the extra-dimensional Great Apes.
   First appearance of Somion and his minion Potentate.
LNH Comics Presents #41   [LNH]
'Limp-Asparagus Lad'
   Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, Episode 6.  Limp-Asparagus Lad has 
his day leading the Legion.  Paperwork gets processed, and Doctor 
Glockenspiel makes his first appearance.
LNH Comics Presents #44  [LNH]
'You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough Lad'
   Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, Episode 9.  You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-
Enough Lad has his day leading the Legion.  There are attempts to 
process paperwork, but in the end it's more fun to just go out and 
fight bad guys.
LNH Comics Presents #56  [LNH]
'Occultism Kid'
   Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, Episode 21.  Occultism Kid deducts that 
a powerful plot device must be blocking the attempts of the Legion to 
discover what's going on, and sets out to make use of a plot device of 
his own, eventually hacking into the history files of the Time Barons 
of Gallimaufry .
LNH Comics Presents #63  [LNH]
'Footnote Girl'
   Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, Episode 28.  Footnote Girl is appointed 
LNH Leader, and along with Kid Enthusiastic almost manage to bamboozle 
their 'babysitters'.
58.5 #10  [LNH]
'But When You Talk About Destruction'
   I did the Fourth Wall Lass/Retcon Lad scene for this one.
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   saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
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