REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #49 - January 2008 [spoilers]

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>[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #49 � January 2008 [spoilers]
>     Coherent Super Stories #14  [ASH]
>     However, I keep coming back to the 'communist' part of Darkshield's 
>character description and think "Noooo...".  To me that feels like an 
>element that would not sit well as part of the classic master villain 
>formula if used in the 1970s.  In the end I have to say that 'The 
>Idiot Plot' works well as a story (and as a pastiche) in the time it 
>was really written.  And that I'm probably reading to much into it by 
>wondering how the story would have flown back in the day.

     For a Marvel or DC book, it'd probably be about 5-10 years too early to
fly, true.  But casting Coherent as more or a Charlton-level publisher, the
late 60s and early 70s did indeed have this sort of storyline where the
patriotic hero was made to look at least a little foolish.  And within the
flimsy conceit I've constructed for some of these issues, it's clear that
Marvel and DC do exist, and Coherent is coattail-riding to a large extent.
But with a weird sensibility that lets them find a niche.

     Dave Van Domelen, didn't actually give it that much thought at the time,
mind you....

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