SG/LNH: New Exarchs #11 - Getting Squirrelly

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Sun Feb 24 17:19:27 PST 2008

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Saxon Brenton  <saxon.brenton at> wrote:
>Okay, that last bit was pure hyperbole.  But given the history of
>the ASH setting, things like that have probably been happening to
>some extent for centuries.  Some creatures would probably be
>extinct as a result of the creation of the Barrier in 1998: things
>like vampires and werewolves and anything else with abilities that
>could only operate via superhuman/supernatural power.  Others may
>have migrated into myth-related pocket dimensions or other
>realities entirely.  But even with the comparatively low numbers of
>superhumans prior to the 20th and 21st centuries, there could be
>anything.  Whether there *is* anything can be left to editorial whim.

     Actually, like in Xanth, there's something of a distinction between
mages and magical creatures.  The Merlions in Singapore, the various critters
in Greece (satyrs, centaurs, cyclopses, etc) and so forth continued to exist
post-Barrier.  Vampires are an odd case, as some were supernormal humans (and
would have poofed), but others are transformed normal victims (and would have
remained).  One untold series in ASH that's been batted around the writers is
a sort of cleanup crew, using borderline supertech (like the stuff Weapons
Master used) to fight leftover beasties and alien threats.

>And in the 20th and 21st centuries?  Lots of opportunity for weird
>sh!t.  Suddenly, you don't need a supervillain mastermind to be
>behind the sudden appearance of that battalion of Nazi dinosaurs.

     No, the Nazi battalion was in Poland, the dinosaurs in Italy.  ;)

     Dave Van Domelen, also meant the specific squirrels in Superguy, not
just squirrels in general.

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