LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #24

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Thu Feb 21 03:11:14 PST 2008

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>      The sun set.  As normal the city of Net.ropolis lit up with its
> regular act of defiance against the fall of night.  A hundred million and
> more lights turned on: some by human hand, others by automated light
> sensors or timers, and some because the buildings they were installed
> in were both self-aware and afraid of the dark.

Interesting.  Is LNH HQ self-aware?  This would explain how the alarm
system works, specifically its ability to detect when an invader is a

>      "Yes, we are," said Mary.  "It's not the first time that someone's
> tried to railroad the net.heroes.  Clinton tried it when he was
> president, with the LNH Registration Act." [the main points of which are
> addressed in: _Ultimate Ninja_ #10, _LNH_ #79-80, _Giant Sized LNH #6_,
> _Continuity Champ & The Drizzt's Defenders_ #12 and _LNH_ #83 - Footnote
> Girl]

Wow.  Thanks for the plug.  So, yeah, this isn't the only time the
evil government trope has been used.

>      "I thought it was supposed to be his wife, Hillary, behind that,"
> said Ben.
>      "I thought it was supposed to be the Hellary, the Evil Twin of his
> wife from another dimension," said Lee.  [_LNH_ #83 - Footnote Girl]
>      Mickey crossed his arms.  "Well I heard that both versions of
> Hillary were supposed to be alien transvestites," he said sarcastically.
> "So obviously you can't trust everything you hear.  [_Untold Tales of
> the Looniverse_ #5 - Footnote Girl]

I wonder if these kids would be able to make any sense out of X-Men

>      Mary startled, then looked around anxiously.  "I'm fine, but I
> can't find Lee.  I think he lost his head."
>      "He panicked and ran off?"
>      "No!  I mean he lost his head!"


>      Mickey's plan to bog down the Net.ahuman Responsibility Act in
> paperwork and confusion was originally suggested by Lewis Himelhoch on
> the Howling Curmudgeons website as one way of handling Marvel comic's
> Superhuman Registration Act with lateral thinking and creativity rather
> than with mere superhero punchinnaface.

It's brilliant idea, especially in light of all the reality TV shows
where everybody seems to think they can sing, be a superhero, be a top
model, etc.  Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame and being
registered as a superhero?  Who wouldn't want that?


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