META/POLL: The Purpose of Criticism

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at
Sun Feb 17 12:07:15 PST 2008

Tom Russell wrote:
> 3. Is offering suggestions and alternatives, and pointing out flaws,
> tantamount to attacking a work or author?

Not in my opinion.  Isn't the point of feedback to let people know when
they're doing something good and when they're doing something bad?
Personally, I like it when people point out flaws, because then I have the
option of sticking with my gut or deciding to take a step back and
evaluate what I'm doing.

Case in point, some reviewer (I forget who, I'm sorry) said that one thing
they didn't like about LL&DD #5 was the idea that Deedee was the master
criminal of Detroit.  Knowing that is extremely helpful as I think about
writing the follow up to that story, because it let's me know what I need
to flesh out.  Granted, it's something of an ego blow to know everything I
do isn't perfect and wonderful (I'm not being sarcastic), but in having
such an outside observation, it's possible for me to grow as an amateur

> 1. Authors whose work has been under review, do you find "Russell's
> Reviews" to be mostly helpful or unhelpful?

I do!  Take the most recent review as an example.  I wrote that V-day
special on a whim, and doubted it would register because of it's rather
boring nature.  It's a couple goofing around, kind of boring compared to
real hero stuff.  But, your review let me know that "boring stuff" is
appreciated and enjoyable.  As I said in another post, knowing that people
like LL&DD as a (to borrow from my better) "sexy superhero comedy" is as
helpful in planning future stories as knowing that other parts need
fleshing out.

That's my opinion the newbie.

Andrew Burton
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