REVIEWS: Russell's Reviews Volume One # 7

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at
Sat Feb 16 19:20:50 PST 2008

Tom Russell wrote:
>    I do have a bit more to say about this one, though.
>  Perhaps I should invite Andrew Burton to guest-write
> an issue or two of KINKY ROMANCE, because he has both
> those qualities in evidence here.

Now, I'm trying to imagine what kind of kinky story I could write that 
didn't involve Cam or Jen.  Hmm...

>    All in all, it's a very sweet and interesting and
> sexy little story, and it's highly recommended reading
> for consenting adults.

Many, many thanks!  It's always nice to get feedback, but even more so 
when it's a pair of my favorite characters just kind of hanging out.  In 
recent months, LL&DD have been kind of quiet due to my trying to think 
of a "serious story" to write.  It's nice hearing that they're enjoyable 
outside of anything remotely like a traditional super-hero story. :)

Andrew Burton
tuglyraisin at - A Guide to Esoteric Technology in Paragon City - Take a guess. ;)

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