[LNH/META] It's ***reeeeeeally*** been awhile ...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 15 10:31:34 PST 2008

Gary St. Lawrence wrote:
> Every once in awhile, I get an e-mail asking about an LNH story I
> wrote ... 17 years ago!
> Got one today.  It got me thinking about the old days ... and whether
> I still have what it takes to be an LNHer.
> Maybe I'll dip a toe or two into the waters.
> Assuming there's any interest ...

Cool!  The Saint's back!

Sure, go ahead and write stuff... I'd love to see it.

Always enjoyed the miniseries Pigs in Space... was one of the first 
things I read when I stumbled upon alt.comics.lnh back in '93...

> Signed affectioNETly,
> Gary "Sarcastic Lad, Pocket Man, Elvis Man, CluelessMaster" St.
> Lawrence

Arthur "More like 15 years... not that old..." Spitzer

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