REVIEW: Russell's Reviews Volume One # 5

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Sat Feb 2 18:28:44 PST 2008

On Feb 2, 7:22 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at> wrote:

> Most of all, I'm happy that you still found it enjoyable, despite all the
> problems with lack of context.  I hope you can find the time to keep
> reading it, although with your time constraints and the schedule I'm
> planning to post it from now on, I understand it might be hard.

Well, I have less time contraints now than I did last year (and much
less depression), and keeping to this weekly review schedule has done
wonders for getting everything read in a timely fashion.

> And as Arthur said -- it's not really related to Beige Midnight, although
> there are a few connections now and then.

Then I stand corrected. :- )

>  It's just some good fun I'm
> having, using Infinite April as a playground

I knew the series began during the April, but I didn't realize that it
was still taking place during that time.  That certainly explains a
lot of things, like the Evilverse invasion you mention later in your

> There's some irony here, I guess.  In my first go at the LNH, I was
> severely impaired by a fear of misusing characters (like you don't have
> time to read all of 58.5, I could never possibly find the time to read
> all the LNH stories ever posted).

I know the feeling.  My initial use of Ultimate Ninja, for example,
was extremely clumsy.  I think one of the reasons why I created
Teenfactor and had it take place in Sig.ago was so that I wouldn't
have to "deal" with the LNH proper.  Now, it's the LNH proper that
gets my juices going, especially characters like Catalyst Lass, who
I'm looking forward to writing more of after BM.

>  And when I did use an existing
> character (New Look Lass in Minority Miss), I messed it up pretty bad.  
> So I guess I could say, the ideas of having a big cross-over with well-
> defined players, of having a period where most "important" characters are
> away, and of having the authors list, were very encouraging and a big
> component of making me get to writing again.  So I guess -- good and
> bad :-) as in most things.

The most important thing in writing is what works for _you_, not what
works for me or anyone else.  (And that goes for you too, Arthur.)
And I look forward to the rest of 58.5.  I certainly didn't dislike
it, and I don't think that either my review or my curmudgeonry are
overly negative or expressions of hate or dislike.  I only unleash the
bile, as it were, when I find a storyline offensive-- and other than
Jesse Willey, I can't think of anyone who's done that.

Keep writing, EVERYBODY!  My feedback is meant merely to be feedback
and to be helpful in some small way.


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