RACCies: Superfreaks RACCies eligibles

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 10:06:11 PST 2008

Wow.  I had no LNH stories of my own this year?  I guess the rabbit
breeders cup is out of the question then eh?  Hopefully people will
see this as my quality year and not simply my quantity year.

Superfreaks Season 3 #'s 11-14: I said the series was over and it
pretty much was, except for the fact that it continued elsewhere.
Stories included an Aliens inspired story, a troll killer storyline
that was strangely similar to a CSI:NY story that came out after the
fact, a National Treasure / Da Vinci Code inspired story and a
Superman Returns inspired story,

Extreme #1-4: A bit of an anthology, it had stories involving a flying
baby, clones, robots and religious fanatics.

Mading Mysteries #1-2: Also a bit of an anthology, it had stories
involving time travel and Hulk, James Bond and Sailor Scout clones.

Silver Age Superfreaks #6: In this story, the Super Soldier both was
co-operating with the police and wasn't: he definitely knew more than
he was saying but that didn't make him guilty.

I might eventually post a couple of stories as Superfreaks 3000 #'s
1-2 but probably not in time be eligible for this year


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